• BMW M135i

    BMW M135i
  • Phosfluorescently harness low-risk
  • 2018奥迪销量663,049辆,A4L A3功劳最大


Bentley Mulsanne: live launch

These optional 21s are the wheels to have.  »

Light switch

The trackday mentalist R300 or the practical Roadsport 175? But can a Caterham ever be ‘practical’? There’s only one way to find out. Click through the gallery for more… Words: Tom FordPhotography: Le... »

Audi A1: live launch

Here we go! In Berlin for the international launch of the Audi A1. Just got a 1.4TFSI with the seven speed DSG. Just under 120bhp. Looks pretty good. But is the Audi A1 cool, or just a weeny A3? Words... »

Extreme drive: Formula Off-Roader

Tom Ford straps into the world’s scariest nitrous-powered racing truck to tackle vertical cliffs and monster jumps. He returns broken. Very broken. Click through the gallery to read the full story. »

Call of the Qt Wildcat

Today, the chances of pulling up beside a similar car stand at comfortingly long odds. And not just because the car I am driving is parked on a cliff – though, if we’re being completely honest, ... »

Electric cars get real

Electric cars are boring, right? Wrong. Electric cars are guarding the petrolhead dream. Confused? Read on… Words: Tom FordPhotos: Lee Brimble »

The Aston Martin guide to towing

This is a new level of flustered, bordering on stark, hot, sweaty panic. While cruising through Casino Square in Monaco towing a trailer, a policeman has noticed my bizarre little combination vehicle ... »

When Top Gear drove the Pagani Huayra

Physics is pinned down and under siege, each gearchange another grenade rolled into the foxhole where Newton is ripping up equations and banging his head repeatedly on a table. Einstein, whiter-haired... »

Sports Car of the Year: M135i vs Boxster

The Stig is coated in Teflon. This is possibly the only answer I can provide, given that he’s just appeared striding across a recently ploughed Lincolnshire potato field, yet has arrived spotless, eye... »

Driven: Range Rover in Iceland

This Range Rover is not stuck. We are simply exploring extraction options. The issue is that the car is perched sideways on a loose lava scree at the bottom of what was – up until a few years ag... »

Battle of the spiders: Ferrari vs McLaren

The tang of bitter adrenaline sits barely swallowed from a short but intense drive in 
a Ferrari 458 Spider up a bumpy mountain road, and with a nervous system so aggressively rewired that my heart ap... »

Speed Week: the Brits fly south

There was the dawn. A dreary early Saturday morning in a summer whose signature theme is a flat grey sky the colour of a dead TV, the tempearature lurking around a sullen 12 degrees, lazily non-commit... »

Speed Week: victory parade

And then there were three. After a week of road and track, four days filled with everything from idle, mile-eating cruise to tyre-howling abuse, three cars stood above the rest, proving that, on these... »

Trophy Trucks: the ultimate desert racers

The distance between relieved laughter and utter ruin is exactly two inches. Two inches of steering lock on an unlimited class Trophy Truck, when driving at 110mph across 4ft bumps, is where you’ll fi... »

Leaving Las Vegas in an Aston Rapide S

It’s Sunday morning, I’ve managed to get a brand-new Aston Martin Rapide S beached in a sand dune and am currently excavating underneath trying to affix a strap, so that a couple of passing Navajo Ind... »

VW XL-1: we drive the future

“Ooh, it’d be like going to bingo in a spaceship!” exclaimed one curiously happy old lady as she peered through the wing doors at the spartan, ascetic interior of the VW XL-1. “But there’s a problem…”... »

The posh SUV test

Here I am, swaddled in a leathery womb, Radio 2 bubbling gently in the background like a muttering grandfather, driving a new BMW X5 3.0d through a lake. And it’s about as terrifying as a sleepy Labra... »

The very best driving roads in Scotland

A lap of Scotland. Sounds simple enough, you would think. But, this being TopGear, it started… confusedly. An initial foray into the dark art of crowdsourcing TG reader opinion nearly melted the inter... »

Ford F150 takes on the VW Amarok

In 2013, the Ford F-Series sold 763,402 units, more trucks than there are minutes in a year. This year – its 65th anniversary – it would qualify for a free bus pass. More remarkably, it ha... »

Top Gear drives the Aston One-77

There’s probably something profound to say here, but I can’t for the life of me think what it is. There’s an empty road stretching out in front to some unseen event horizon, arrow-straight and unflinc... »


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