• BMW M135i

    BMW M135i
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  • 2018奥迪销量663,049辆,A4L A3功劳最大


Welcome to Top Gear's lap of Ireland

ROADS IN THE 4TH DIMENSION. THE ANTRIM COAST ROAD. A LETHAL TORR “A decent hot hatch will beat a supercar down a typical B-road”. As a statement of fact, it’s a load of rubbish. Even the most anaemic ... »

Speed Week: McLaren 650S

Ideally, when learning a new track, you’d spend a quiet few laps memorising the various curves, cambers and quirks in something sedate, so you can figure out where it goes before your brain is suffuse... »

Welcome to Top Gear's Speed Week 2014

The TopGear magazine Speed Week 2014 begins with a gate. It’s a substantial metal gate, currently blocking the narrow entrance bridge to the pit area of the Castellolí circuit. A neatly ironed securit... »

Top Gear drives Singer's mighty Porsche 911

By the third corner, my soul is wrapped in rough brown paper and packaged for sale, addressed FAO Lucifer. Faust himself would be slack-jawed with horror at the glib speed of the transaction. But then... »

The best track cars you can buy

Welcome to Top Gear magazine’s round up of The Best Cars In The World. That might seem a trite observation, but after much deliberation, haranguing and three bouts of raised voices, the vehicles repre... »

The coolest cars you can buy?

These cars are utterly pointless. In terms of specific need, they are as purely necessary as platinum cutlery or an omelette made exclusively with Fabergé eggs. And yet they are cool. Gloriously, fabu... »

911 versus the new Corvette Stingray

The difference between ‘bump’ and ‘jump’ is not just bad handwriting, but a mere 10mph, as it turns out. A worrying lack of detail in the pacenotes means it’s almost impossible to work out whether the... »

Speed Week: McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918

The McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Despite the very obvious talents arrayed on this peculiar little strip of Spanish tarmac, these are the two cars that drag the word ‘exceptional’ into deeper... »

Speed Week: the final road trip

Top Gear magazine’s Speed Week has been temporarily inconvenienced by an avalanche. It’s not a particularly impressive avalanche, and we’re probably being generous to describe what appears to be a rel... »

Is a diesel estate the UK's best hot hatch?

Ford has produced a refreshed Focus ST. Light smattering of applause, happy face. We like the ST in the UK, the combination of relatively cheap power, everyday usability and B-road talent marking it o... »

New Mercedes-AMG C63: the big road test

The old chap standing by the side of the road in a small village somewhere about an hour south of Lisbon has patently heard me coming. He’s paused in the dusty, cobbled margin, peering at the dark blu... »

An exclusive audience with the new Ford GT

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the first of Ford’s four consecutive wins at Le Mans with the legendary GT40, and its historic 1-2-3 finish at the 1966 event. Until recently, it looked like ... »

Ferrari 458 Speciale A: Cabrio of the Year

A cliche is often assumed to be a bad thing. An obvious stereotype, a bit lacking in imagination, something to be relied upon when you can’t be bothered thinking of anything more creative. Except at t... »

Merc's 4x4u00b2 vs Hennessey Raptor

Flight. Brief and terrifying, but for two long and silent seconds, this three-tonne truck leaves the Earth’s embrace and mimics one of the graceful and deadly avians whose name it carries. It soars, w... »

Mini Cooper vs Ford Fiesta EcoBoost

You never get something for nothing. That’s a generally accepted maxim of the universe, the first law of thermodynamics and probably as immutable as these things get. Intellectual concrete. Fast cars ... »

TG's big road test: Merc AMG GT-S

It was in the village of Haltwhistle where an otherwise unremarkable drive took a turn for the surreal. Now, I’m not saying that there’s anything inherently bizarre about small villages in the norther... »

Road trip: Across Europe in the 903bhp McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 is very good at sneaking. This was my initial impression as we slink our way silently from a hotel just outside the Spa Francorchamps circuit at 5am in full furtive-ninja EV mode. It’s ... »

Road trip: across Iceland in a very yellow Citroen Cactus

Here I am, semi-naked in a cave, being observed by a wide-eyed and tungsten-headed division of elderly German tourists. They look surprised to find me floating nearly nude in an underground geothermal... »

Bentley Mulsanne Speed in the Everglades

I have just been bitten by an alligator. Admittedly, the ‘gator in question is only 10 inches long, and being lightly chewed by a common American Alligator mississippiensis in the first couple of year... »

Speed Week: Corvette Z06 vs Ferrari 458 Speciale vs Nismo GT-R

It would be helpful if the weather could make its mind up. Bone dry would be preferable. Wet is at least an understandable theatre of war. But, at the moment, the sun is poking untidy, meddling-bastar... »


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