Speed Week: the Brits fly south

There was the dawn. A dreary early Saturday morning in a summer whose signature theme is a flat grey sky the colour of a dead TV, the tempearature lurking around a sullen 12 degrees, lazily non-committal given that June is firmly ensconced in the calendar. But today it’s impossible to be depressed by unimaginative weather. Today we kick off the TG Speed Week, and a road trip beckons in some of the best fast cars in the world. A grin is not hard to find.

We have been given a location in mid-France to aim for, and with other TG staff flying off in a multitude of European directions to collect the various cars required, I’m corralling the group departing from the UK. We have until Sunday night to rendezvous, but more of that later. In the meantime, I arrive early at the UK kick-off point – Eurotunnel’s Folkestone terminal – having bounced out of bed at 4am in order to take the long way down. The reason why is quietly clicking itself cool in a corner parking bay: an acid yellow, 616bhp McLaren Spider. There are worse reasons to get up early.

Photography: Justin Leighton

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