The best track cars you can buy

Welcome to Top Gear magazine’s round up of The Best Cars In The World. That might seem a trite observation, but after much deliberation, haranguing and three bouts of raised voices, the vehicles represent the cars that TG magazine would happily recommend to family and best friends, without reservation.

Any of these cars – within their brief – are the best at what they do. They are the TG benchmarks, the class leaders.

There are three loose price points to scale our ambition: an attainable version, an aspiration and a dream.

So, allow us to guide you through the cars you should consider before all else. Today, it’s the turn of the road-legal trackday stars…


There is a point, when you’re being lapped for the third time in seven minutes, that the hope of redemption starts to fade and thoughts inevitably turn to childish revenge.

It’s a lonely place, where whatever weeping shell of ego you have left has assumed the metaphorical foetal position and is refusing to engage, even given rock-solid racing-driver excuses such as having less than a third of the power and one fewer cylinder than the car that’s doing the lapping, and that said car is piloted by a track-dialled automaton.

Pictures: Rowan Horncastle

This feature was originally published in the September 2014 issue of Top Gear magazine

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