Road trip: across Iceland in a very yellow Citroen Cactus

Here I am, semi-naked in a cave, being observed by a wide-eyed and tungsten-headed division of elderly German tourists. They look surprised to find me floating nearly nude in an underground geothermal hot spring somewhere in the back country of eastern Iceland, but, then again, this isn’t your average Wednesday morning. This Wednesday, I am attempting to find instant inner peace. Purest calm before tomorrow. Elysium before teatime. To do so, I have travelled to the spiritual expanse of Iceland – a country I’ve always found to be emotionally soothing – and have had two days to reboot my misfiring chakras and enlighten my cynical soul. It’s not working. I’ve got to be at another enlightenment appointment in an hour, and thanks to recent geological disturbances, this pool is so warm that it feels like I’m being boiled alive. The so-called healing water is 45+ degrees Celsius. Much more healing, and I’ll have second-degree burns, which means that I’m unlikely to find much Zen outside of a specialist treatment unit. I retreat, somewhat pinkly, to my secret weapon in the search for serenity – a lime-green Citroen C4 Cactus.

Pictures: John Wycherley

This feature was originally published in the August 2014 issue of Top Gear magazine

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