Hot hatch shootout: whitting the best six down to just three

Expectations appear to have been confounded. Admittedly, we might have suspected that some of the members of our final six would be present, but the loss of some of the early favourites is still a bit of a shock. The arguments, however, have been sound, and although TopGear science may be a little laissez-faire, the results have been broadly unanimous, bar a few curses: Golf R, Civic Type R, Megane Trophy, Fiesta ST, Audi S1 and Leon Cupra Estate. The last one perhaps more of a surprise, but a welcome one.

Which means that there’s a merry little band accelerating onto the M90 north. An endlessly interesting and disparate little troupe, FWD and 4WD, little, big, estate and all turbo, which threads up to Perth, and then hacks right and starts to exercise itself on the kind of roads hot hatches were made for. Welcome to the real world. This is where we’ll get really subjective. The nit-picking will be weapons-grade.

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